MoneyToys™ Website Calculators Provide Immediate Value to Websites

Ruston, LA - July 14, 2007 -- A real estate website without calculators is asking its visitors to leave.  MoneyToys(tm) gives visitors great reasons to stay!

MoneyToys(tm) 2.0, a collection of 15 website calculators for real estate and financial services websites, helps you keep visitors longer.

MoneyToys calculators ( provide immediate value allowing a person to quickly add a collection of 15 calculators to a web site.  Long term value is assured by the one-time, perpetual license fee of only $89.95.  There are no hosting fees, no traffic-based fees and no other recurring fees.

Does your website already make you proud?  Take it up another notch by adding real estate calculators that fit right into your site's design.  MoneyToys allow you to configure the colors and fonts to fit the design of your web site.

MoneyToys web site calculators let real estate agents quickly install calculators on their websites allowing their visitors to do financial math without leaving the web site.  If you can edit a web page, you can install MoneyToys!

Real estate agents can configure MoneyToys website calculators to match their website's colors.  The fonts, font sizes and calculator dimensions can be adjusted, too, so they match a website's design.  In addition, the initial values of these web site calculators can be configured to fit the needs of a particular web site's market.

In some markets a typical mortgage may be $150,000, in another market a typical home loan may be $600,000.  MoneyToys are easily configured for either market and display the initial values you wish visitors to see when they use the calculators on your site.

Installing MoneyToys is easy.  Step-by-step installation instructions are provided with each MoneyToys calculator. In addition, three sample web pages show how easily the calculators can be customized with different colors and fonts.

The MoneyToys collection includes a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator, an APR Calculator, a Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator, a Loan Spread Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, a Closing Costs Calculator, a Simple Loan Calculator, a Very Simple Loan Calculator, a Future Value Calculator, a Loan Comparison Calculator, a Discounted Cash Flows Calculator, a Down Payment Savings Calculator, a Payment Calculator, and a Rent or Buy Calculator.

MoneyToys calculators allow real estate webmasters to easily add practical, interactive financial tools to their web site helping it stand out and offering visitors reasons to return.

MoneyToys are installed directly on a web site and do not require access to any other site or web server.  You'll never worry if the calculators will be available on another web site.  The small calculator files are actually stored on your web server.  And unlike some website calculators, MoneyToys financial calculators do not include links which might take a visitor away from the web site.  MoneyToys are designed to keep visitors on a site and bring them back in the future.

MoneyToys put you in control.  If you worry about large hosting companies manipulating the features of your website, you will love MoneyToys web site calculators.  Only you or the persons you give permission may modify MoneyToys website calculators.

The entire MoneyToys collection is available for only $89.95 at  Individual MoneyToys calculators may be purchased for $24.95. These license fees are one-time fees. MoneyToys requires no annual or traffic-based fees.

Try the entire collection of MoneyToys at  For more information, contact Horizon Interactive, LLC, Post Office Box 7, Ruston, LA 71273.

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