Sample of the HTML Used to Install MoneyToys™

As an example of how easy it is to install a MoneyToys financial calculator, the HTML code below is provided so you can get an idea of what you would copy from the installation instructions and paste into your own web page to install a MoneyToys calculator on your web site.

It's "Copy and Paste" Easy:

<applet code="calculator.class" archive="calculator.jar" width="450" height="245"
alt="Sorry, you need a Java-enabled browser to use this calculator.">
<param name="LOAN_1" value="95000" />
<param name="INTEREST_RATE_1" value="7.5" />
<param name="TERM_IN_MONTHS_1" value="360" />
<param name="POINTS_1" value="1.5" />
<param name="TitleFontColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="BackgroundColor" value="F3FFF3" />
<param name="LabelFontColor" value="3CB371" />
<param name="EntryBackgroundColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<param name="EntryFontColor" value="000000" />
<param name="AnswerBackgroundColor" value="98FB98" />
<param name="AnswerFontColor" value="0000FF" />
<param name="GridBackgroundColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<param name="GridLabelColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="GridBorderColor" value="CCFF99" />
<param name="GridFontColor" value="000000" />
<param name="GridHighlightColor" value="98FB98" />
<param name="GridHighlightFontColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="GridAnswerFontColor" value="663300" />
<param name="TitleText" value="Compare Loans" />

That's it!  After pasting the applet tag copied from the installation instructions into your web page and uploading the calculator file and your web page, you've installed a MoneyToys™ calculator. Visit the web page on your web site and try it out.

"What if it doesn't work?" you ask.  Use our online contact form and ask us to look at your page.  We'll review the web page and tell you how to correct any problems you have.

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