Resources for Real Estate Webmasters

The resources listed below are designed to help make your work as a webmaster easier.  While most of us are very comfortable with the tools we've already chosen and use, it's a good idea to spend time exploring new tools.  You may find something you like better or learn something using a different tool.  Explore these resources!

Web Development Tools

Quick and Dirty

While some projects require a full-featured web development program like those below in the list of full featured web editors, a lot of web development work requires only a little tweaking.  In most cases, a text-based editor does the occasional job quickly and easily.  Instead of loading a full package, try the simple text editor that comes with the operating system.  Or, for something a little more useful try some of the text editors available on

Validation Tools

One of the most common web developers problems is catching errors in code.  Here's a simple way to check your web page:

Check your web page online with CSE HTML Validator Lite.

Full Featured Web Editors

(In alphabetical order)

Real Estate Forums

Real Estate Directories