Online Calculators from MoneyToys™

Designed for Financial and Real Estate Web Sites

MoneyToys-brand online calculators are designed to help you keep visitors on your web site. They do this in several ways that help you meet the goals you have for your web site.

First, if your web site is like most, one of your primary goals is to offer everything your visitors will need so they can do all they wish to do without leaving your web site. You want your visitors to stick around. In light of this, each feature you offer visitors gives them an additional reason to stay longer on your web site and explore.

Second, another important goal of most web sites is to offer value to the site's visitors. MoneyToys online calculators offer calculated information. Most people simply cannot do the math required to calculate a monthly payment. Many have difficulty using a handheld financial calculator. And while some people can make a close guess based on their experience with financial math, installing a payment calculator gives visitors value. They can use the calculator themselves to find out the payment on any loan scenario they wish. And when they do this on your web site, they have found value.

Finally, an important goal of most who maintain their own web sites is to keep costs down. MoneyToys™ offer exceptional returns. Because they offer immediate value with long term returns, MoneyToys online calculators may be one of the best investments you can make for your own web site.

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