Installing MoneyToys™ Mortgage Qualification Calculator

If you have purchased a license to install MoneyToys™ calculators on your web site, these step-by-step installation instructions will assist you.  The MoneyToys™ Financial Calculator License Agreement was included in this applet's archive file and is available online.

Step-by-step Installation Instructions

First, upload the file wwsw_MortgageQualification.jar into the same directory on your web server which contains (or will contain) the web page which will display it.

Next, copy the Applet Element (you'll find it below) and paste it into your web page in the location you wish.

Finally, upload your web page to its proper directory on your web server (the same directory that contains the *.jar file).  That's it!  Visit your web site and check it out.

Editing Initial Values and Colors

After you have installed the MoneyToys™ calculator and have it working on your web page, you may wish to change the initial values and colors.  You may edit the param values in the applet element to meet your needs.  The values you set in the param statements will be displayed as the initial values when the applet is first loaded.

Changing the initial values is easy.  For example, to modify the initial value of Income1 from 4000 to 5000, simply change the line:

   <param name="Income1" value="4000" />

to read:

   <param name="Income1" value="5000" />

The Color Parameters are edited in the same manner by using the standard hexadecimal scheme for web colors.  For example, FFFFFF is white and 000000 is black.

The Applet Element for Your Web Page

To install MoneyToys™, select and copy the entire Applet Element below.  The Applet Element is displayed in green text.  Then paste it into your own web page at the location you wish.

<applet code="wwsw_MortgageQualification.class" archive="wwsw_MortgageQualification.jar" width="450" height="240" alt="Sorry, you need a Java-enabled browser to use this calculator.">

<param name="TitleFontColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="BackgroundColor" value="F3FFF3" />
<param name="LabelFontColor" value="3CB371" />
<param name="EntryBackgroundColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<param name="EntryFontColor" value="000000" />
<param name="AnswerBackgroundColor" value="98FB98" />
<param name="AnswerFontColor" value="0000FF" />
<param name="GridBackgroundColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<param name="GridLabelColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="GridBorderColor" value="CCFF99" />
<param name="GridFontColor" value="000000" />
<param name="GridHighlightColor" value="98FB98" />
<param name="GridHighlightFontColor" value="228B22" />
<param name="GridAnswerFontColor" value="663300" />

<param name="TitleFontName" value="SansSerif" />
<param name="TitleFontSize" value="16" />
<param name="LabelFontName" value="SansSerif" />
<param name="LabelFontSize" value="11" />
<param name="EntryFontName" value="SansSerif" />
<param name="EntryFontSize" value="11" />

<param name="TitleText" value="Mortgage Qualification Calculator" />

<param name="Income1" value="4000" />
<param name="OIncome1" value="2000" />
<param name="Income2" value="1000" />
<param name="OIncome2" value="0" />
<param name="HousingRatio" value="28" />
<param name="Cards1" value="300" />
<param name="Auto1" value="300" />
<param name="Notes1" value="100" />
<param name="OtherDebt1" value="0" />
<param name="Cards2" value="50" />
<param name="Auto2" value="250" />
<param name="Notes2" value="0" />
<param name="OtherDebt2" value="0" />
<param name="DebtRatio" value="36" />
<param name="DownPayment" value="20000" />
<param name="HousingCostPercent" value="20" />
<param name="IR1" value="6.5" />
<param name="Term1" value="30" />
<param name="IR2" value="6.25" />
<param name="Term2" value="20" />
<param name="IR3" value="6.0" />
<param name="Term3" value="15" />

Display the Disclaimer on Your Web Page

Please remember that the Applet License requires that the following code be included in the HTML code on the page which displays the applet.

Select and copy the Disclaimer code below and place it in a location on your web page which fits the style of your site.

<!-- BEGIN DISCLAIMER --><br />
<strong>DISCLAIMER</strong>: There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation.  Please consult your own financial advisor.<br />

That's it!  After pasting the applet tag copied from the installation instructions into your web page and uploading the calculator file and your web page, you've installed a MoneyToys™ calculator.  Visit the web page on your web site and try it out.

"What if it doesn't work?" you ask.  Use our online contact form and ask us to look at your page.  We'll review the web page and tell you how to correct any problems you have.

If you wish to install MoneyToys on your web site, you must purchase a license.

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