It's Easy to Install a Web Site Calculator!

If you've ever created a web page, you can do this!

You need only basic skills to install a MoneyToys™ financial calculator on your web site.  These 5 steps describe the simple installation process.  However, more detailed instructions for each of the MoneyToys™ web site calculators are available on the Installation Instructions web page.

Here's how easy it is to install MoneyToys™ on your web site:

1.  Purchase MoneyToys online financial calculators.

2.  Download the MoneyToys file by following the instructions you will receive by email after your purchase is completed.

3.  Open the downloaded MoneyToys file on your computer.

4.  Read the instructions included in the MoneyToys download.  Copy the HTML code included in the instructions, paste it into your web page and save the web page.  Look at a sample of what you would paste into your web page.

5.  Upload the MoneyToys calculator file and the web page to your web server.

It's "Copy and Paste" Easy:

That's it!  You've installed a MoneyToys™ calculator.  Visit the web page on your web site and try it out.

"What if it doesn't work?" you ask.  We'll help you!  Use our online contact form and ask us to look at your page.  We'll review the web page and tell you how to correct any problems you have.

Buy Website Calculators for YOUR Website! Buy the entire collection of MoneyToys!  You'll get quick delivery by download as soon as your purchase is processed.