A Future Value Calculator for Your Web Site : $24.95 USD

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This future value calculator is an online savings calculator which you can easily add to your web site for only $24.95 USD.  An online financial calculator like all MoneyToys interactive calculators, Future Value of Savings Calculator is a great for investment, banking, retirement-oriented, or money management web sites.

Installing this calculator on your website will allow visitors to explore their own financial future and it adds value to your site which encourages return visits.

Here's the Value of MoneyToys™

Immediate Value  :  MoneyToys™ allow you to quickly add a complete set of calculators to your web site.

Long Term Value  :  An affordable, one time license fee of $89.95 allows you to use MoneyToys™ on your site forever.  They give visitors a reason to stick around ... which in marketing terms makes your site "sticky"!

Benefits of installing MoneyToys on your web site include:

  • The collection of MoneyToys includes 17 different financial calculators which allow you to provide useful financial tools for your visitors.
  • MoneyToys are maintenance free.  After installing MoneyToys on your web pages you can forget about them!
  • You save money with MoneyToys.  There are no hosting fees, no recurring licensing fees and no traffic-based fees.
  • They are installed on your own web pages which means visitors never leave your web site to use them.
  • You can change the colors of the calculators to match your web site's color scheme.
  • You can change the font, font size and applet size to match your web site's design.
  • You can set initial values for the financial variables appropriate for your market.
  • Installation is easy.  You copy the calculator's *.jar file to your web server, add a few lines of HTML code to your web page and upload it to your web server.