A Flash Average Interest Rate Calculator for Web Sites

Install this Calculator for Your Visitors!

This Flash®-based Average Interest Rate Calculator is easy to install on a web page and its small, 336x280 format lets you to place it just about anywhere you wish on a web page.  Your visitors can quickly calculate the average interest rate of up to six different loans and credit accounts. 

Add Immediate Value to Your Web Site!

This Flash Average Interest Rate Calculator is one of 17 MoneyToys™ website calculators that allow you to quickly add value to your web site.  MoneyToys add appeal to your website, increase its usefulness, give visitors good reasons to return and allow them to calculate simple or complex financial scenarios quickly and easily without leaving your site

Easy to Use!

Using this Flash®-based, online calculator is easy. Users simply enter the creditor's name, annual interest rate and balance for up to six different loans or credit accounts. After entering the information about debts, the user clicks the "Calculate" button and the average interest rate and total balance are displayed.

Easy to Buy!

The MoneyToys™ web site calculators are affordable! A one time license fee of $89.95 allows you to use all 17 MoneyToys™ calculators on your site ... with no future fees! You can buy the entire MoneyToys collection now!