MoneyToys™ Online Calculators for Credit Union Websites

MoneyToys™ online calculators are excellent add-ons for credit union websites. These financial calculators are useful online tools for your members, adding value to your web site and giving your members additional reasons to visit.

MoneyToys™ are not linked to any other web site and have no links to take your members away from your site. These credit union calculators appear to your members as if they were created by your own staff. Embedded into your own web pages, these calculators are fully branded as your own.

MoneyToys calculators for credit unions are extremely cost effective! Why pay an annual subscription of as much as $850 for other calculators when MoneyToys calculators are available for a one-time cost of only $89.95? MoneyToys are pure value!

Benefits for Your Members Include:

  • 17 Calculators : The collection of MoneyToys includes 17 different financial calculators which provide members a full set of useful financial tools.
  • Easy to Use : MoneyToys™ are designed for simplicity.
  • Save Money : There are no hosting fees, no recurring licensing fees and no traffic-based fees.
  • Installed on Your Site : Members never leave your web site to use them.
  • Match Your Site's Colors : MoneyToys™ fit your site's design.
  • Math Your Site's Fonts : Change the font, font size and applet size to match your site's design.
  • Configure Default Values : You can set the initial values for the various financial variables for your members.

The MoneyToys™ Calculators include:

MoneyToys™ Makes it EASY to Install Website Calculator!

Installing a credit union calculator on your site is easy.  Simply add a few lines of HTML to your web page.  Next, upload your web page and a small web calculator file to your web server.  That's it!  You've added a calculator to your web site!  Read the installation instructions online and see how easy it is!