Annual Percentage Rate Calculator, 3.0 : $24.95 USD

Add this Annual Percentage Rate or "APR" Calculator to your web site and help your visitors discover what their mortgage loan is really costing them!

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New in version 3.0: Display of international currency symbols and the option to configure the font face and size of the different text elements displayed in the APR Calculator.

Three sample web pages are included with this calculator.  Each displays the APR Calculator with different font sizes, different dimensions and different colors.  It is important to remember that using larger font sizes requires that you increase the applet's width and height so that it is large enough to show everything. If you use smaller font sizes you will be able to reduce the applet's width and height.  In other words, you determine the size of the calculator as it is displayed on your web site.

You may choose from among three font faces (Serif, SansSerif, and Monospace) for the different text elements of the calculator.  The three text elements are the Title (displayed across the top of the calculator), the Labels (next to the text Entry Fields), and the Entry Fields themselves (where you enter values or see results).