About MoneyToys™ by Horizon Interactive, LLC

Horizon Interactive develops innovative financial calculators for consumers, professionals and companies in the real estate and financial services industries.  MoneyToys™ calculators are designed for web sites.


Our product lines include the MoneyToys™ calculators for websites, CustomCalcs™ custom-designed web calculators and Popup-Calculators™, a new line of javascript web site calculators.  In addition to financial software, we own and maintain FinancialShareware.com, a download site specializing in financial software; FinancialApps.com, a blog about financial software; and LendersAndLoans.com, a consumer information site about borrowing and debt management.

Our clients include banks, credit unions, investment firms, mortgage brokers, financial publishers, resident and commercial real estate professionals and individuals.

Product Families

Web-based, Internet Calculators

MoneyToys web site calculators can be installed on your real estate web site so your visitors can perform a variety of financial calculations on your site.  Information about MoneyToys web site calculators is available from MoneyToys.com

Information Services

In addition to desktop and online calculators, Horizon Interactive, LLC also provides information services to professionals and consumers in the financial services industry. For more information, visit Math4Finance.com, LendersAndLoans.com or IdentityTheftChecklist.com.

Postal Address

Horizon Interactive, LLC
1802 N. University Drive, Suite 102, #342
Plantation, FL 33322, USA