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Buy the Entire Collection of 17 MoneyToys™ Web Site Calculators for Only $89.95!

MoneyToys online calculators are designed to make your web site attractive to visitors by giving them the ability to do their financial calculations without leaving your site. Install the collection of 17 financial and real estate calculators on YOUR web site and give home buyers the online tools they need.  Only $89.95 USD!

Add Value to Your Web Site

Install these time tested, customer proven, financial calculators on your real estate or financial web site and you've added immediate value for your visitors to enjoy.

Purchase MoneyToys calculators and you receive a cost-effective, perpetual license for these online calculators which make your web site more user-friendly, giving visitors a reason to return and adding long-term value to your web site.

MoneyToys™ are the Easy Choice

Many developers of online calculators sell 100's of different calculators. The choices can be overwhelming! MoneyToys™ takes a simpler approach. We offer a complete collection of 17 easy-to-use calculators for a single, one-time, price. MoneyToys™ makes the choice easy!

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Explore all 17 of the MoneyToys™ calculators!

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"can be added to any Web site",  REALTOR®, Web Site Enhancements: "Bring them back"

The MoneyToys™ Calculators include:

Benefits of installing MoneyToys on your web site include:

  • 17 Calculators : The collection of MoneyToys includes 17 different financial calculators which allow you to provide a full set of useful financial tools for your visitors.
  • Maintenance Free : Add MoneyToys™ to your web pages and forget about them!
  • Save Money : There are no hosting fees, no recurring licensing fees and no traffic-based fees.
  • Installed on your own web pages : Visitors never leave your web site to use them.
  • Match Your Site's Colors : MoneyToys™ fit your color scheme.
  • Math Your Site's Fonts : You can change the font, font size and applet size to match your web site's design.
  • Configure Default Values : You can set the initial values for the various financial variables for your market ... whether you broker loans for $250,000 or $2.5 million.
  • Installation is easy : Install a MoneyToys™ calculator by copying the calculator file to your web site, add the HTML code to your web page and upload it to your web server.

MoneyToys Real Estate Website Calculators are EASY to Install!

Simply add a few lines of HTML to a web page.  Then upload your web page and a small web calculator file to your web server.  You've added a calculator to your web site!  Read the installation instructions online and see how easy it is!

When you install MoneyToys online real estate calculators you can set the colors of MoneyToys to match your own web site.  You can also set your own default values for the calculators to match your site's visitor demographics.  (If you ever wish to change the colors or default, it's as easy as editing a few lines of text.)

Real Estate Website Calculators are EASY to Buy!

A one-time license fee of only $89.95 USD buys the entire collection of MoneyToys™ online calculators.  There are no recurring fees and no traffic-based charges for these web site calculators.  In other words, you pay only a one-time fee of $89.95.  Then use them as long as you wish without paying another fee.

It's "Copy and Paste" EASY:

MoneyToys web site calculators are extremely affordable, easy to install and have been installed on thousands of web pages.  Each MoneyToys online calculator comes with installation instructions and sample web pages to show you how to add financial calculators to your web site.  If you have an installation problem, contact us!  We'll look at your web page and tell you how to fix it.

With MoneyToys financial calculators on your web site your visitors can perform financial calculations without leaving.  You keep your visitors!

Buy the Entire Collection of MoneyToys™ for Only $89.95 USD!

MoneyToys™ interactive website calculators are used by companies in the real estate and financial services industry.  From a savings calculator to a mortgage qualification calculator and many other real estate tools, the MoneyToys collection of web financial calculators includes online banking calculators, credit union calculators, real estate calculators and investment calculators.  MoneyToys™ are great for independent real estate agent web sites, financial web sites and any web site for people interested in financial information.

The collection of MoneyToys financial web site calculators continues to grow!  And that's a great thing for you!  When you purchase a license for the entire collection today, you get all of today's 17 MoneyToys plus all future MoneyToys calculators, too!

Buy the entire collection of 17 MoneyToys™ web site for your real estate web site for only $89.95 US!

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